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Special Training Programs

Practical Training.

Most of all, we are committed to giving you the best practical training as well as a comfortable environment to sit with good friends, research study and work.

Special Training Programs

Individual Attention.

Our preferred, straightforward and also unique method of developing Individual Convertaion Attention.

Special Training Programs

Best Learning Platform.

We are the Personal Trainer with a bold vision to make a distinction in both our neighborhood and also worldwide neighborhoods.

OUR Key Features

Velocity The English Factory is the top and best English Speaking Institute. We have trained numerous students in different Spoken English courses thus equipped them with confidence and communication skills. The main features of our courses are as follows –

  • Modern
  • Creative
  • Innovative Pedagogy
    (Learing While Playing)
  • King's English
  • Enticing Personality
  • Sound Practical Wisdom
  • Audio visual classes
  • Reasonable Fee
  • Learned & Experienced Trainers
  • Daily spoken Practice sessions
  • Open Learning Workshops
  • Daily used vocabulary
  • Class presentations
  • Chatting sessions
  • Group discussions

All these methods improve the English communication fluency of the students and boost their confidence. And finally they speak English Language fluently, impressively and without any hesitatio

Your Specialist Training Session

Social Activity
Social Activity's

we organize social activities.

During your time with us, we want you to have a great experience in Leeds and the surrounding area. Our Social Activities program has been designed to get you out and about, speaking, listening and learning with other students and local people!

Training Programs

Training Trip With Learning

Learn English online using our high-quality resources to quickly improve your English. This institute is created for learners of English, the world's English teaching experts.

Activities On Stage

Activities On Stage

Acvities which involve student interaction with content can include listening to and/or watching a live talk, engaging with a written or visual text, engaging with multimedia, or a combination of these. Typically, students are more likely to retain information presented in these ways if they are asked to interact with the material in some way, which is why it is useful to ask or invite questions, or include another activity type after every 5 or 15 minute 'chunk' of information.

Unique, Easy & Tested Practical Methods To Help Speak Fluently.

Personality development & interview sessions for students.

Easy solutions to learn English easily and effortlessly
Activity based courses for fluent English learning
Design your own course as per your requirements
Learning goals made easy by our trained faculty
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