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The Role of Velocity

Language is the source of communication. Its the way through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others. There are uncountable languages in this world. Because every country has their own national language, then they have different local languages spoken and understood by their people in different regions.

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Our Story

The Journey Begins

There are many reasons for English aspirant choosing Velocity over others Firstly, we carry modern, creative & innovative pedagogy to whet the soft skills of learners. Secondly, our pragmatic courseware which accomplish our goal to equip learners with king's English, enticing personality & sound practical wisdom.

The institute organizes adventure learning programme where students move out of the class & begin to learn outbound. The institute is looking forward for innovative out bound programme to enhance total personality & holistic growth.

Ankit Bohre, Director/Founder Image


Ankit Bohre


Language Trainer and personality Influencer

Manish Shrivastava

Language Trainer

I m creator of my own style
Music makes me happy
I opened my eyes to see beautiful world on 25 August

Gajendra Sir

Language Trainer

Sandeep Bohre


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